Staging Services

As an “Occupied Consultation Specialist” I will show you how to prepare your home BEFORE IT IS LISTED so that it will look the very best it can in the online property photos and will appeal to the targeted buyer!

The online photos are the #1 reason to stage your home.

When a home is first listed, there are a group of buyers that have been looking for months and are READY to buy. These buyers are tired of looking. This group of buyers is the reason any home that sells quickly, sells for more money! These buyers know what they want and are willing to pay more to be sure they get it.

Why Staging Works

A home is never worth more than the first day it is listed.

Home Staging presents the house is such a way that the buyer can picture herself living in the home.

Staging a house makes the home look warm and inviting, and allows buyers to visualize the possibilities for the space.

In addition, homes that are staged are seen as “well-cared for” and “move-in ready” by most buyers. A home that is well-cared for and move-in-ready is much more desirable to buyers and therefore has a higher value. That is how staging increases the value of your home!


Buyers look at houses online before they ever consider visiting a listing.  Browse through a portfolio of room examples to see before and after pictures of rooms in houses of past clients.

Our work includes everything from re-arranging existing furnishing to facilitating repair work or painting. Different houses require different approaches and amounts of attention.  One of the biggest advantages to engaging a home staging professional, is that they provide a neutral viewpoint of your homes appeal.  This neutral perspective will make it easier to determin how to maximize the perceived worth of your most valuable asset, your home.

Congratulations, you found the perfect house and are moving.  FIRST, you have to sell your house!  You might be thinking….

  • Where do I start?
  • Do I need to declutter?
  • Should I paint the walls?
  • Do I have to spend a  lot of money to get my house ready?

These are the kinds of questions that PITTSBURGH STAGED HOMES loves to answer.  We guide and support

  • home sellers
  • professional realtors/real estate agents

so homes sell quickly and for the best price.

Pittsburgh Staged Homes specializes in occupied houses.  Call us today to find out to maximize your profit and shorten the time on market by staging your home before it is listed for sale!


Make your home standout from the competition with Home Staging!

Maggie Setler, Owner of Pittsburgh Staged Homes

Did you know that….

  • there are thousands of homes for sale in the Pittsburgh area?
  • over 81% of buyers found it easier to visualize a property as their future home when it was staged?*
  • on average, homes that are staged sell in ½ the time compared to unstaged homes?
  • 91% of sellers’ agents believe home staging increases the amount buyers are willing to offer?*
  • Only 10% of buyers (9 out of 10) have the imagination to see the potential in a home that is not presented well. Most buyers cannot see past the clutter, personal decor or visualize furniture in empty rooms.

*According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors®

Has your home been for sale over 60 days?

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graph showing days on market vs selling price