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Making the FIRST impression count!

The secret to selling your home…make the first impression count by staging it before it is listed!
When people hear the words ‘Home Staging’ they tend to think of vacant properties in need of furniture. However, there is another kind of Home Staging that many people don’t know about…that is Occupied Home Staging. Occupied Home Staging is preparing your home BEFORE it is listed, while you are still living in the home, and it is even MORE important than staging your home when it  has been on the market for many months and is now empty!

Staging the home before it is listed will ensure that the critical first impression will appeal to the targeted buyer the very first day it is on the market….the key to selling quickly and for more money!

sell your home quickly

Staging your home before it is put on the market is the best way you can increase the value of your home and get the very highest price. Because your home is never worth MORE than the first weeks it is on the market!! That is when the largest number of buyers will be looking at your home. All the buyers that have been looking for months and are READY TO BUY will be looking at it. They will be looking to see if this is the right house for them.  If your home isn’t staged before it is put on the market… you are throwing away a golden opportunity to sell your home for top dollar!

All our services are based on our exclusive program, The 6 Steps to a Successful Home Sale, that helps the homeowner uncover the hidden value in their home. Staging with PITTSBURGH STAGED HOMES gets a home ready to sell as quickly and easily as possible and for top dollar

Home Staging Consultations

After walking through the home and taking photos of each room, we go through each room of the home again with the homeowner making notes. We will recommend changes that will make a home ready for the market. Areas discussed are; curb appeal, the condition of the home, the presence of clutter, depersonalization, and the use of space, color, and furniture placement. We will provide a list of action items, including specific recommendations to update each area of the home. Recommendations may include: repairs, painting, cleaning, decluttering, removing furniture, and even cost-effective updates like replacing out-of-style lights or kitchen hardware This verbal consultation makes it possible to begin your staging tasks immediately. For a hands-on client, this comprehensive report may be all they need to get their house ready for a quick sale. Other clients like us to comeback right before the home is listed for our Photo Prep Staging.

Home Staging Consultations: Starting at $225 for homes under 2,100 Sq. Ft.

Photo-Prep Staging

Over 94% of prospective buyers start their search online, so it goes without saying that the online listing photos are one of the most critical parts of selling a home today. But many people don’t realize how different rooms can look in photos from the way the room look in real life, so even a home that looks wonderful in person may not photograph well. Having your home staged before professional photos are taken guarantees that your home will be looking its best and you will get the great online photos are a MUST to make your listing stand out from the competition and make the buyers ‘must see’ list.

On the staging day, our professional stagers, using the homeowner’s own furniture, art, and accessories, will judiciously edit, move furniture, rearrange accessories. This will create a home that is looking its most inviting, both online and in person, to the largest group of buyers.

If additional items are needed, (i.e. accessories, pillows, art) we can, for an additional fee, bring in any on-trend props necessary to make the home stand out from the competition.

Photo Prep Staging: Starting at $195 ($75 discount to consultation clients)



Additional Services

Color Consultation:

Painting is the least expensive way to freshen and update a home…but only if the right color is chosen!  Picking the correct color to paint the walls can be one of the hardest decisions when getting a home ready to sell. Walls are the largest surface in a home and greatly influence the way buyers feel about a home…so choosing a color that pulls your space together, looks good with the color and tones of the flooring and cabinets, AND that creates a welcoming feeling that appeals to the largest group of buyers, is a tall order. There are so many potential directions to go with color. No wonder people get overwhelmed!

Vacant Home Staging:

Because completely vacant homes are particularly difficult to sell, we provide stagings for vacant properties. Pricing varies according to size of the home and the number of rooms staged. Our staging fee includes an in-depth consultation, staging design, overseeing the delivery/pickup of furniture, 3 months furniture rental, accessory rental package, and de-staging fee.

Prices and products are subject to change

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Maggie Setler